Insurance for deductible of airport parking incidents

This page provides information on the insurance for the excess that applies to those airports that purchase insurance for its parking customers. To claim compensation, click on below button "makes the claim" and follow the instructions there. NOTE! You need to leave the message that the damage occurred to info@se.sedgwick.com within a week of the injury. If you do not send message within a week you need to prove that the damage occurred on the airport parking.

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Insurance Terms

The insurer for this insurance is Nordeuropa. The beneficiary under this insurance is the owner of any vehicle that parks at the airport parking where passengers have flown to and / or from the airport, and paid the parking fee. The Benefit applies to the risk which the owner of the parked car suffers in connection with an injury. To receive compensation under this benefit to be paid, the damage covered by normal car insurance as well as exceed the agreed deductible. The insurance company replaces deductible up to 15 000 SEK


When making a claim you will need to provide:

  1. A copy of your flight ticket
  2. A copy of your parking ticket
  3. A copy of the approval notice of the damage covered by the insurance company where your vehicle is insured